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Customer Service Hours: MON - SAT 9AM - 5PM

Stripper 32oz

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Product Description

Americana Stripper 

Oil and Residue Remover * Decontamination * Ceramic Coating Prep 


Stop leaving unseen contamination behind, in order to get your surface surgically clean and prepped for coating a solvent is needed to remove previously applied protection; as well as oils from the paint correction process.

  • ​Solvent Based Decontamination

  • Safe for use Inside and Outside​

  • ​Properly Decontaminate prior to installation of PPF and Vinyl​

  • ​Paint and Body Panel Wipe for Paint Prep ​

​Helpful Tips: 

  • Use solvent resistant gloves​
  • ​Use Lint free cloth
  • Saturate desired surface and let stand 1 min prior to removal
  • Always test product in a small inconspicuous area for adverse reaction

  • Use one towel to do your first wipe, Second clean towel for final wipe

  • Do not use on freshly painted surface ( Adhere to Manufacturing guidelines) 

  • Do not use on any surface Hot to the touch

WARNING: DO NOT SWALLOW.  If  ingested,  please  seek  medical attention immediately.